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Low-Stimulant Stack

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The low-stim stack is design for gym goer’s with a sensitivity to high stimulant products. It also features a protein that has added Protease and Lactase enzymes which makes processing protein easier on the stomach.

The highest amount of Caffeine is found in the JetFuse NOX, with 200mg of Caffeine (about 2 coffees). Most Pre workouts have around 300-400mg of caffeine. Read below for more information and recommended use.

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COR Performance Whey has produced a very clean, delicious protein shake. With only a few ingredients, it’s a super clean protein without fillers or nasty ingredients. The flavour profile is among one of the best (especially the molten chocolate), with the added benefit of digestive enzymes which is perfect for stomachs which may get bloated or sore from protein shakes.

Pre workout Pump

BSN Pumped Edge is a complex blend of creatine and Velox which gives you extreme pumps without stimulants. Take 1 scoop 15 minutes prior to training.

Velox offers a patented performance blend of Arginine and Citrulline, designed to increase Arginine levels within the body, which acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide production and consequently increased blood flow via vessel (arteries) opening.

Pre/Intra-Workout Energy & Muscle Recovery

GAT JetFuse NOX is a low stimulant Pre workout and BCAA blend. Take one scoop 40 minutes prior OR sip during your workout as a BCAA and energy booster. JetFuse combines a complex blend of known muscle building ingredients, Creatine for strength; Glutamine for muscle recovery and immunity, and Arginine, Beta-Alanine and Citrulline for energy and extreme pumps.