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We are a Melbourne based group who market and maintain premium vending machines filled with established health food & sports supplements. We offer the finest selection of protein-enhanced bars, powders, shakes and energy replacement drinks to accommodate various sport specific goals, nutritional requirements, and body types.

Paleo Vegan Gluten Free
Keto High Protein Low Carb

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Meccamino Gym Vending Machine


Australia's premium supplement vending machine

Designed to encompass every detail

The Meccamino Dispenser has be elegantly designed to complement every location. Our dispensers are perfectly suited to service gyms, tertiary institutions, corporate complexes, shopping centres, train stations and airports.


Payments are effortless using Meccamino. All our machines are fitted with the latest in contactless technology which accept MasterCard PayPass™, Visa PayWave™, Google Wallet™ and Apple Pay™.



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Never go empty

All of our vending machines come equip with telemetry. This allows us to track the number of items in each dispenser and the exact moment we need to fill the machine. Meaning you’ll never go empty.

Transparency in numbers

We have insight into the number of sales each machine is making and which products are selling. We will gladly share our analytics with you every month. This means you always get paid correctly, fairly and on time.

Vending 2.0

We've added a new dimension to vending

Our App Puts you on the map

Never before has a vending machine achieved this much engagement with its customers.

The FREE Meccamino iPhone and Android App allows users to find their Meccamino, view the entire product list, complete with nutritional information, and get access to exclusive discounts. Download it today.


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🔔 New Push Notification. Get an exclusive discount with Meccamino, enter 82 to claim this exclusive discount.

Sell More, Earn More

Meccamino customers get exclusive promotions and discounts delivered straight to their Smartphone via Push Notifications.
By using promotions, Meccamino can out perform other vending machines in sales and consumer satisfaction.


Vending machines have had a bad reputation in Australia. Using our App, we're changing that by giving customers the ability to contact us for faults, jams and incorrect transactions.

This means less headaches for you and more happy members.


Become a Meccamino partner, it's easy.
We meet on-site to ensure Meccamino is perfect for you.
We deliver, install and optimise Meccamino for your location.
We provide a fully managed vending solution for your business.
All you have to do is enjoy the healthy profit
Meccamino is perfect for clubs big and small.
FeatureDIY VendingMeccamino
Cost Outlay$8,000+$0
EFT CapabilityExtra Cost
Remote Stock MonitoringExtra Cost
Time to maintain / stock2 Hours+ per weekZero
Risk Free Trial
Free repairs & maintenance
Painless faults & refunds handling
Operate without a storage room
Italian made Vending Machine
iPhone & Android App
Promotions & Specials
Regular taste testings
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