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Review: Raw Fusion – Vegan Protein by SAN

08 Apr Review: Raw Fusion – Vegan Protein by SAN

Vegan Protein; animal friendly, gut friendly. Vegan protein has come along way in terms of taste, texture and nutritional profile.

Today, we’re taking a look at Raw Fusion – Vegan Approved protein made from Pea Protein, Rice Protein and Artichoke protein. Wait, Artichoke? That’s right. Artichokes. SAN Nutrition, the makers of Raw Fusion, claims that the Amino Acid blend is similar to Milk Protein, but is completely Lactose, Gluten and GMO Free.

We’re going to look at three elements for this review:

  • Taste & Texture
  • Mix-ability
  • Nutritional info

Taste & Texture

Have you ever tried Pea Protein? No? Well it has a very distinct texture and flavour to it; dry and earthy. Being the first ingredient in Raw Fusion, pea protein definitely defines the taste of this product – so if you cannot stand Pea protein, this is not the product for you.

I tried the Strawberry-Chocolate flavour and it was very enjoyable. I found that adding some fresh strawberries and ice made the Pea protein much more enjoyable and balanced.

The other protein blends, Rice and Artichoke, do not add any distinguishable flavour to the product, although it may help the texture.

The texture is amazing. Creamy and smooth. It’s one of the best textured vegan proteins we have tried.



The directions on the packaging state to add Cold Water and shake/blend for 10 seconds. I’m always skeptical about vegan protein because it’s been notoriously hard to mix, and can clump at the bottom of the protein shaker. Raw Fusion does a great job. It mixes really well and does not clump or lump, even while using a shaker.Shop SANS Raw Fusion 1.8KG

The directions on the packaging recommend 8-10 oz of liquid, which is about 250ml-300ml. I always recommend that people under fill  with most other protein shakes – 150ml to 200ml generally is the sweet spot. Any more and the protein shake starts to loose it’s thick texture, and the flavours are not as punchy. However, with Raw Fusion, I do recommend sticking to this guideline. The pea protein makes the texture quite dense, so you need a bit more liquid to balance it out.


Nutritional Info

Raw Fusion has been designed to mimic Whey’s Amino Acid Profile, and it does a great job. It has a great amount of Glutamic Acid (3.8g) which is a key branch chain for muscle recovery. Compared to Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard at 4g, it’s only 0.2g difference.

Each serve has:

  • 21g of Protein
  • 0.7g of Fat and
  • 5g of Carbs (of which 1g is Sugar and 0.7g is Fibre).

The Amino Acid profile is impressive too: 3.8g Glutamic Acid, 1.8g Arginine, 2.4g AsparticAcid, 1.8g Leucine.

Looking at these numbers above, that’s pretty impressive. Considering the taste, it’s down right revolutionary.

Another bonus is that Raw Fusion is sweetened with Fructose and Stevia, which is another tick for people avoiding artificial sweeteners.



In summary, Raw Fusion by SANS is an amazing vegan/vegetarian whey. It’s taste, nutritional profile and mix-ability are comparable to the top Whey Proteins on the market.

We’d definitely recommend Raw Fusion.

Overall Rating
Raw Fusion - Vegan Protein
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