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Raw C – Pure Protein

05 Feb Raw C – Pure Protein

Pure protein by Raw C now available at Meccamino!

Pure protein is a dairy free, completely natural protein shake made with coconut water and pea protein. This means that Pure Protein is completely vegan! Pea protein is an excellent alternative to Soy protein and being gluten and diary free means that even more people can enjoy this delicious Cocoa protein drink without the harsh tummy pains that some drinks have on with some people.

The texture and consistency of the Pure Protein is exactly like your run of the mill protein shake, with a distinctive taste. This taste is slightly different to typical WPI. The first time we tried Pure Protein, our faces lit up. It tasted really good – but different. Just looking at the nutritional panel was enough to get us interested, mixed with the taste, it’s a clear winner.

Give it a go if you haven’t already. Raw C is a extremely popular coconut drink co-founded by Pete Evans. We’re also serving straight up Coconut water by Raw C too! A fantastic and hydrating drink thats great after a sweaty workout.

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