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Mars Protein Bar: Review & Nutritional information


10 Sep Mars Protein Bar: Review & Nutritional information

We’re pretty lucky in the fitness world. Food science has come a long way from the traditional dry, brittle protein bar. Today, we get to try the (Offical) Mars protein bar – packing 19g of Protein per serve. So, to the burning question…

Does the Mars Protein Bar taste like a Mars bar?

Yes. Exactly. The. Same.

Not even joking, you put these in front of me and a regular Mars Bar, and it would be hard to tell the difference. The main difference is the texture. Where you traditionally get goo-y caramel with a regular Mars bar, you get more of a solid texture with the Mars Protein bar.


Mars Protein Bar Nutritional

I wish I could say these are completely guilt free, but unfortunately these come with some nutritional trade-offs.

Fat content is generally pretty high in Proteins bars, especially those that do not have sugar or low in carbohydrates. The Mars protein bar is surprisingly low in fat.

Here are some key nutritional points compared to the Original similar sized Mars Bar:

Mars Protein Bar 57gOriginal 57g Mars Bar
Energy200 Cals259 Cals
Sat Fats2.5g5.7g



Miraculous enough

Just by looking at the numbers above, you can see that the Mars Protein Bar is significantly healthier than a traditional Mars bar of similar size. Less saturated fats and sugars is a win while keeping the same flavour profile is down-right amazing.

If given the choice, I would hands down chose a Mars Protein bar instead of a regular Mars bar for nutritional and sweet-tooth craving busting.

You can try a Mars Protein Bar from any of our Meccamino Gym Vending Machines located around Melbourne.



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