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Is drinking BCAAs while working out even important?

29 May Is drinking BCAAs while working out even important?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We often get asked how important drinking BCAAs to gaining muscle. The sports science community has been looking into BCCAs for many years and there have been a lot of studies which show definitive results when athlete’s consume BCCAs while working out. Let’s read on on the results!

BCAAs reduces muscle damage

Numerous studies on BCAAs found that supplementing with BCAAs reduces muscle damage and allowed the athlete to recover faster.

… intake of BCAAs during exercise can prevent or decrease the net rate of protein degradation caused by heavy exercise.

A study of 30km cross country runners found that when athletes were supplemented with 7g-12g of BCAAs during the run, the rate of protein degradation in our muscle fibres were prevented or decreased.

Another study in 2007 found that 9 men who consumed BCCAs during 90 minutes of cycling reported lower rates of soreness and fatigue 24 and 48 hours after the trial compared to a carbohydrate formulated drink or a placebo. 1 2

BCAAs improve your immune system

Glutamine is a “key fuel cell for the immune system” and is prevalent in all quality BCAA supplements.

A study submitted to the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal states that “Overtraining and long-term exercise are associated with an impairment of immune function.”

The study found that taking glutamine supplementation allowed the body to retain glutamine even after strenuous exercise.

Another study looked in the reverse and restricted BCAAs in mice’s diets and found that their immune systems became impaired. When the same mice were given BCAAs, their immunity was immediately improved.

Need a new BCAA?


So, How critical are BCAAs?


BCAAs are proven to reduce muscle damage, reduce recovery time and improve your immunity.

Considering that our life-span is limited, and our bodies only have a relatively short window of peak performance, not taking BCAAs leave people who engage in strenuous exercise vulnerable to longer and more pronounced muscle soreness and a weaker immune system.




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