About – Meccamino


Meccamino was established in 2015 after a team of health and fitness enthusiasts noticed the difficulty in getting healthy nutritious foods at times that were convenient to them. The team noticed that sugary, salty and nutrition-less snacks were always accessible, but the products they needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle were limited to the business hours of health-food stores.

Our Vision

To redefine the way Australian’s think about a typical vending machine.


Meccamino aims to provide the best vending experience for anyone and everyone who needs genuine nutritious foods in a convenient place and time.



We promise to listen to our customers to source the absolute best products from everywhere around the world. We promise to configure every machine to support a wide variety of nutritional lifestyles, including, but not limited to: Paleo, Vegan, and Keto. We want to ensure we have a wide enough selection that can accomodate people with Gluten and Diary intolerances too!



We promise to only use the highest quality vending machines at every site. These machines ensure that the amount of jams and faults that occur are minimised.



Buying from Meccamino is all about trust. Typically, vending machine operators hide away in the shadows, never to emerge.  Meccamino is completely different; we are dedicated to always have multiple communication channels for you to reach us. This includes our iPhone and Android apps which allow you to get into touch with us within 30 seconds!



Meccamino is dedicated to invest in the latest and greatest technology. Not only for vending, but for health and wellbeing. We’ve already re-written the rule book with our iPhone and Android Apps, which allows you to grab a full catalogue of nutritional information for all the products we vend.

mec | mino [=say ‘mek- əˈ mēnō]
  1. Australia’s premier supplement dispenser. (He bought a protein bar from the Meccamino {Mecca; a place regarded as a center for a specified group, activity, or interest}).
  2. Supplement; a product taken orally that contains one or more ingredients (as vitamins or {amino acids; the chief components of proteins that are synthesized by living cells or are obtained as essential components of the diet}), which are intended to supplement one’s diet [syn; protein, sustenance, recovery].
  3. Dispenser; a machine or container (a beautifully crafted design) that allows one to take small amounts of something (when everywhere else is closed {24:7}). [syn; automated].
  4. Products; specifically chosen for (quality; a high level of value or excellence], which are always available– to supply sustenance: [syn; nourish].
  5. Accessible; at various recreation centres, sports clubs, gyms, tertiary institutions, office buildings, and public complexes (e.g. airports, shopping centres, hospitals, etc.) throughout the city of Melbourne.
  6. The most interactive approach to (vending {2.0}) that facilitates an enhanced experience with the [customer; one who buys goods or services from a business) through additional channels, i.e. online store, mobile application {coming soon} or social media (follow us on instagram #meccamino; facebook /meccamino; and twitter @meccamino).

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